8 Facts About Ants

Fact #1: Colonies are bigger than the average ant farm.

Ants don’t come in only one size. Some species live alone, while others have masses of worker ants that can be blindly obedient to their queen ant; this latter group is what makes up the bulk–and power- discrepancy between them and humans who would otherwise just see “ants.” colonies range from small loose groups like those found throughout Europe or North America all way down into Asia where some spots have over 300 million individual animals!

Fact #2: Ants have specific jobs.

Ants are some of the most social insects in existence, and they make sure that every task gets done properly. Queens have only one job- laying eggs; all other female ants are workers who feed larvae or take care/defend their nest from incursion by predators while male ants stay away unless there’s mating season!

Fact #3: Ants don’t have ears.

Ants don’t have ears, they use a different sense to listen and feel around. Their bodies are covered with sensitive hairs that allow them not only hear but also perceive vibrations in the ground as well!

Fact #4: One ant species is exclusively female.

It is rare to find a male of the species M. smithii because it reproduces by clones, so all offspring are also cloned from their queen ant mothers who have been sterilely mating with other males until they obtained DNA needed for fertilization purposes only- there’s no genetic contribution from these matings in development or survival skills like those found among worker ants that assist during colony growth processes; this allows sole control over reproduction at any given time without risk due overlap between sperm cells carrying identical genes leading too much competition amongst individuals trying prove themselves worthy as possible future leaders once again.

Fact #5: Ants can become zombies.

What sounds like the premise for an SyFy original movie is actually reality. A fungus known as Ophiocordyceps unilateralis invades ant colonies and takes control of their emotions, turning them against each other in what seems to be a bid by this malicious fungi species either get more food or protect itself from predators that would eat it alive if they were already infected with its spores on forelegs where wounds are typically found after death has occurred naturally due t0 how these specially designed insects can sense when another insect may pose danger whether predator or not.

Fact #6: Ants can lift 10-50 times their body weight.

Some people might think that ants cannot carry objects much heavier than themselves because they’re so small and light, but the truth of the matter is these little creatures have muscles packed with almost twice as much mass per unit area then humans do. This means if an average man could lift 10 times his own weight (200 pounds), then one ant would be able to pick up a car!

Fact #7: Some ants are homeless.

The army ant is one of the most interesting species in that it has two different life cycles: nomad and stationary. During their mobility phase, they travel around looking for food but at night when building nests becomes necessary due to cold weather or danger from predators; then this group turns into what we know as “army” ants because all workers participate by making bodies out plenty strong material which can house queens (their leader), eggs ,and other supplies .

Fact #8: Ants are found (almost) everywhere on Earth.

Ants aren’t just found on Earth, they’re everywhere! Ant populations have been recorded in every continent except for Antarctica. A few islands such as Greenland don’t have any native ant species; however individual ants can be brought into homes through human travel and settlement programs – which is pretty impressive when you consider how many humans there are against one little guy (or gal).

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