As cool weather arrives Ladybugs Swarm

Lady bugs are in! Lady bug infestations have been reported all over the country, and for good reason. These intimidating-looking insects look just like lady singers from across town: they’ve got black spots on their wings that make them seem furry or feathered; there’s even one type whose markings resemble drag queens’ makeup courses – you know what I’m talking about if it sounds familiar because this sort was once called “ladybeetle.”The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) provides tips to keep these pests out of homes by keeping up appearances at doorways where entry points exist–and making certain those spaces don’t contain food sources such as garbage cans left open.

Lady bugs are an invasive species of pest that was brought to America from Asia in the 1960s. The orange or red-bodied bug with black spots can be easily identified by its appearance alone, but what you might not know is why they’re so dangerous? ladybugs feed on aphids which often infest crops including rice paddies where it’s difficult for humans eat due their sticky hands!

Lady bugs may not be as cute and cuddly as they seem, but their mere presence can cause quite a problem. They are known to invade homes in mass causing lots of disruption with your daily life- from removing valuable items like furniture or electronics (that’s if you don’t want them!), eating clothes left out on shelves near where the insect has made its home; even leaving behind salivating pests which could lead an infestation elsewhere! The good news though is this: ladybugs only pose serious health concerns when interacting directly – so If no other animal claims these little creatures first then there shouldn’t really anything harmful to come about.

NPMA recommends that homeowners seal cracks around windows, door frames and utility pipes with silicone caulk to close up entry points. Special attention should be paid in areas of the home which get most sun as ladybugs are attracted towards warmth – this includes trimming shrubbery away from exterior walls too!

We all know that ladybugs are the perfect symbol of summer. But if you find yourself with an infestation, it’s time to call in professional help! The NPMA recommends contacting a pest control company for assistance removing these pesky insects from your home and treating any areas they’ve been spotted before moving forward- just make sure not too dump them anywhere near where people or pets live because this could lead into another problem later on down the road when those dead bugs start smelling really bad (like what happens when we crush them).

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