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Facts About Summer Pests

In order to protect their colonies, stinging and biting insects have been classification into two groups: solitaries (lonely) or social. Solitary species are those whose members live independently of each other such as mosquitoes; carpenter bees which build cells alone but sometimes venture off on branches near trees while hunting for termites they use like […]

Interesting Facts About Spiders

Spiders are a vital part of every ecosystem, with the exception being your home. They can be found in nearly any type or habitat and play important roles to contribute their own unique perspective on things such as prey detection- which helps keep animals alive by letting them know when someone else might be hungry! […]

Facts About Centipedes

House centipedes are not your average creature. They’re long, flat and have a ton of legs! You might see them scurry across the bathroom floor or stop for few seconds before racing off into dark crevice with their trademark speed that makes it seem like they belong there in first place . But don’t worry […]

All About Fireflies

What makes fireflies flash?A summer night in the backyard is never complete without running around trying to catch these magical insects. These little creatures can light up your world with their glowing glow, but what actually causes it? Read on for some exciting science behind this mesmerizing bug! You might be “enlightened” after reading about […]

Black Widow Spiders

We all know that scary story about the black widow spider -the one where you can’t touch them and they’ll kill their mate if given enough time. But do we really understand what makes this creature so dangerous? The answer is yes! These spiders have a set of small but deadly teeth which are used […]

Public Health Issues due to Pests

We all know that germs and diseases can be spread by pests, but did you also realize how many? There is an extensive list of these things. It includes vectors like mosquitoes or fleas; other insects such as bed bugs who feed on human blood while they sleep (no thanks!), cockroaches that love being dirty […]

Pests Impact on the Agriculture Industry

When it comes to pest control for farms and agricultural premises, there’s no worse nightmare than the prospect of a infestation. Pests are cause for major concern not only because they can potentially cost you revenue from crop damage but also affect machinery with their filthy presence! In some cases even leaving untreated will result […]

Bugs in your Gutter

Have you ever seen a bug in your rain gutters? If not, then here’s what could be hiding out there. A few different types of insects live among us and make their homes wherever they can find something suitable: on plants or fruits; inside buildings such as ours with good ventilation systems (though we always […]

Common Home Invader Brown Recluse

When homeowners come indoors as cooler weather starts to blow in, they may not realize that some hidden intruders have taken up residence-spiders. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) wants people especially aware of brown recluse spiders which can be particularly venomous and dangerous for humans! “Spiders are tiny eight legged creatures that live all […]

As cool weather arrives Ladybugs Swarm

Lady bugs are in! Lady bug infestations have been reported all over the country, and for good reason. These intimidating-looking insects look just like lady singers from across town: they’ve got black spots on their wings that make them seem furry or feathered; there’s even one type whose markings resemble drag queens’ makeup courses – […]