Cockroaches 101

The cockroach is more than just an annoying pest that can survive freezing temperatures and a week without its head. This creature poses serious health risks to humans if it finds its way indoors, as all types of roaches pick up germs on the spines of their legs while crawling through decaying matter which may be transferred food contamination- including E coli bacteria or Salmonella parasites among others.
Cockroaches also carry six kinds off parasitic worms along with seven other human pathogens.

The problem with cockroaches is that they trigger asthma and allergy attacks as their droppings, saliva or shed skin contain potent allergens which can exacerbated symptoms for people who suffer from these chronic illnesses. In addition to this there’s also a risk of IBS discomfort due in part because its etiological agent causes abdominal cramps and vomiting among other things.

When it comes to keeping your family and home safe from a cockroach infestation, one of the most important things you can do is make sure that pests like this never enter in first place. This means taking preventative measures such as hiring licensed professionals who will be able identify any intruders before they get inside and recommend treatment courses based on what’s best for both human health along with preserving structural integrity. That is where Spire Pest of Orlando Fl come in.

American Cockroach

The American cockroach is one of the largest roach species, and has a yellowish figure 8 pattern on its back. This insect can be found throughout North America as well an international location such European countries like Bulgaria or Russia where it belongs to World Series insects that live in buildings along with humans. American Roaches have been reported from everywhere across our country including all 50 states plus Hawaii! They’re also present around The Philippines which means this pest might come visit you if there are any travels going down soon (or not). The American cockroach is one of the most common insects in North America. They can be found anywhere there’s food, water and shelter- especially around pipes or drains where their favorite pastimes are eating away at your drain cleaner! These pesky bugs will also congregate inside homes if left unchecked by natural disasters like floods; this makes them all too easy for us humans to control with proper pest control methods.

Brown-Banded Cockroach

Brown-banded cockroaches are a brown color with pronounced banding across their wings. They were first discovered in America by 103 year old Olin Signs vote, who found them while he walked home from work one day! These pesky bugs now live all over our country due to its ability for tuned mobility between farms and cities which means they can easily move around food sources like humans do – not that we’re telling you anything new here :). Habitat: Brown-banded cockroaches tend to prefer warmer, drier locations than other urban pests such as German and/or house spiders. They can be found in kitchen cabinets or bathrooms along with behind picture frames; this species often hides their egg cases underneath furniture too! Unique Facts: The male’s wings are larger than the female’s so they’ll need different hiding places when it comes time for breeding – look out below!

German Cockroach

German cockroaches are light brown to tan with two dark stripes located on their backs. They have six legs and antennae, making them German roach! These bugs can be found across North America but not too far from home – they’re mostly limited within the United States’ borders though there has been an increase in sightings near New York City recently due possibly because of all those shipping containers that bring new stuff into town every day? Who knows why these things happen… anyways if you spot one make sure not touch or pick up anything remotely resembling what may come out when someone opens up his suitcase after coming back from a trip. Habitat: German cockroaches like it warm and humid. They’re typically found in damp or humidity areas such as bathrooms, basements but can also be seen living off moisture around food sources including kitchens where people eat their favorite foods! Unique facts about these pesky critters? You might not believe this…but according to scientists at The American Museum Of Natural History “The German roach is actually quite docile.” They don’t fly much either – only when threatened does he wings come out (just enough) so you know what’s up..

Oriental Cockroach

The Oriental Cockroach is a large, dark reddish-brown insect that lives in the Northern regions of America. These roaches can grow up to 3 inches long and have wings so they fly around when it’s not at home! Habitat: Oriental cockroaches love the taste of our cuisine and will go to great lengths for a tasty dish. They’re often found in sewers, but have been known to enter structures through drains or door thresholds when it’s warm outside–so make sure you keep those screens intact! If they get inside your home though (and this species really isn’t very clever), don’t worry because these pests generally stay close by—usually choosing damp places like basements and crawlspaces as their habitats instead; outdoors we find them around leaf piles/firewood…you know what I mean. The Oriental cockroach is sometimes called the “water bug” because it comes out of drains. It also has a brown shell and dark body coloration, making them one of our dirtiest insects!

Getting rid of Cockroaches

Wondering how to get rid of roaches? The best advice for controlling cockroach populations is good sanitation. Homeowners should also seal any cracks or crevices on the outside and eliminate moisture buildup in basements, attics etc., when inspecting their homes – especially under appliances like refrigerators where they can breed easily with no one noticing! If you suspect an infestation has taken over your house’s interior then don’t hesitate: call someone who knows what needs doing about these pesky bugs before things get worse than already has been done enough by itself.

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