Facts About Summer Pests

In order to protect their colonies, stinging and biting insects have been classification into two groups: solitaries (lonely) or social. Solitary species are those whose members live independently of each other such as mosquitoes; carpenter bees which build cells alone but sometimes venture off on branches near trees while hunting for termites they use like food sources–food gathering celeuses! Cicada killers can be found living secretly in old dead wood where there might not even seem like any living activity would be there.

Stinging and biting insects are most active during the summer. In fact, they pose an increased threat to our health with 1 in 3 people visiting an emergency room due only stings from these pests! facts about wasps:
A single colony can produce up 2 million eggs per year; adult females die after breeding but males remain alive for several more months or years until age 50+. The average life span of some species ranges anywhere between two weeks – three months depending on type of insect this doesn’t mean that they don;t die off and come back.


There are two types of mosquitoes that bite humans, female ones need blood to reproduce and so they will go for anyone. They find hosts by detecting body heat or chemical signals such as carbon dioxide we exhale which makes them more likely targets in darker colors like black since these tend not be very visible against an individual’s skin tone- usually males have thicker wings than females due who needs less food sources before laying eggs; beer drinkers because often times this beverage contains yeast cells used up during fermentation process.


Wasps are social insects that live in colonies. They feed on sweet liquids and even get drunk off the juice of fermented fruits! The females leave their home to seek places where they can spend winter, but sometimes move inside if there’s a cathedral ceiling present- which means you should always check for wasp nests before making any major renovations or decisions about decorating your house (eek!).

European Hornets

The European hornet is a stinging insect that lives in colonies containing 200 to 400 members. These insects are attracted to light, so when it’s dark outside they’ll bang into lit windows repeatedly since they are most active at night, until someone turns on some lamps or flashlight for them! Word of advice don’t get stung by them as their stink is quite painful.

Yellow Jackets

The farmer found this nest while he was feeding his cows. The yellow jackets were so focused on getting food for their colony that they didn’t even notice the man with an axe behind them ready to cut away at what little remained after it had been chopped down earlier in broad daylight!

Africanized Bees

Killer Bees are a type of Africanized bee that will defend their colonies and attack when threatened. They’ve been know to chase people for more than quarter-of mile once they get excited, so if you’re being chased by these killer bees running in zigzag pattern or seeking shelter from them is important! Do not jump into water because then the hive awaits – waiting just below ground level with honeycombs hidden inside it’s massive walls made out steel bars connected together through small gaps between each bar like puzzle pieces.


Scorpions are enemies of the human race, but their most dangerous species lives in Arizona. The Bark Scorpion has been found all over America and northern Mexico; it’s not difficult to guess why these creatures hide during daylight hours! If you see one running away from me–or even if I find myself scaring him/her!–I will hunt down whatever prey could make this poor creature happy again…but don’t worry: They rarely eat children (even when grown). They have been known to be in Florida as well so be careful when encountering these pests.

Red Fire Ants

Fire ants are known for their painful bites and stings. They’re actually from Brazil, but now found all over the U.S., especially in southern states like Mississippi where they were introduced to our country back during 1933 by way of cargo ship traveling here with intentions on bringing seeds or animals that would help populate America’s farms; however instead what arrived was an entire colony full-on ant destiny (geddit?). These pesky little critters can cause chaos when there are too many around–they bite into electrical equipment causing malfunctions. Florida houses these dangerous critters so be careful walking barefoot in Florida as their bites leave welts.

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