Keeping a Pest Free Kitchen

The kitchen is not just a place to cook and eat; it’s also where we store our food, so this sacred space should be treated with care. Cockroaches can easily find their way into kitchens contaminating foods with bacteria while fruit flies spreading infant diseases like rotavirus or salmonella threaten everyone who enters! The National Pest Management Association is advising homeowners this time of year that many pests will be looking for food and shelter – often inside your house. Make sure you take care before entering a room so as not to leave any behind!


Cockroaches are gross little bugs that deserve to be put out of their misery. They’re the champion spreader-of bacteria, viruses and other germs that can cause illness or even death in humans! Their saliva contains allergen proteins which trigger allergies making asthma symptoms worse for those who suffer from it – don’t let these dirty creatures get away with YOUR health suffering too!!

There may nothing more repulsive than an old school roach running around your kitchen corner looking terrified as you enter because there’s no doubt they’ve got some sorta disease going on below decks (and if not then why would anyone want one?).


The winter is a time when the risks of having mice and rats in your home increase. These animals spread salmonella bacteria, hantavirus infections among other dangers to humans such as ticks fleas lice which can cause disease if they’re not controlled quickly enough with preventative measures like traps or disinfectants that should be applied frequently during infestation periods.

Fruit Flies

Contrary to popular belief, these flies do not come from the interior of a decaying fruit and are not spontaneously “born” out into our world. Instead they’re able sense yeast produced by fermented fruits even if it’s far away! Once identified as an intended target for food theft ( secateurs), this tiny insect will easily get through minuscule cracks or crevices on windows screens; no matter how strong you think your window draperies might be- there will always be some way those hungry little bugs can find their way inside.

Pantry Pests

The pests in your pantry can be a major problem for homeowners. These insects tend to gather around food often stored and infestations of various types have been known, including beetles or Indian meal moths ant populations boom when there is an ample supply left standing on shelves past its sell-by date – this includes both sweet treats like candy bars as well regular staples such flour that could lead you into bankruptcy if not dealt with quickly enough!

Prevention Against Pests

Store food in airtight containers and dispose of garbage regularly.
Only purchase sealed packages that show no sign of damage, such as flour or rice with an expiration date before use; otherwise they might start biting afternoon tidily seeping through the package walls! Add bay leaves to canisters (and bags) when storing foods like breads & pastas because their pungent scent repels pest Pantry pests . Check ingredient dates on baking products you plan make – this will help ensure quality ingredients are used every time. Keeping fresh fruit on the counter is an excellent way to prevent over-ripening or decay. Female flies lay 500 eggs per day and these will hatch into larvae if they’re not disposed of in outdoor trash cans where there’s non natural light so as not encourage them indoors! Be sure you run your garbage disposal regularly because dirty dishes pile up quickly which can create ideal conditions for maggots—yikes !

The best way to keep your home clean is by practicing healthy habits at all times. This includes taking care of dishes and food left out, as well as pet’s bowls; don’t let them pile up in the sink or stand there for long periods without being refreshed! Make sure door sweeps are installed on exterior doors so they can prevent dirt particles from entering through gaps under their threshold–and repair damaged screens if necessary before pests come inside too far into our homes where we’ll never be able see them coming until it’s too late. If you suspect an infestation has taken hold try getting professional help right away because waiting could lead to much greater damages than just mice getting into your pantry. That’s why we are here at Spire Pest of Orlando FL we want to help you get your home under control and rid it of pest. Give us a call to get started today (407)723-7863.