Protect Your Pets from Pests

The summer heat is finally here, and all of your favorite furry friends (especially dogs) will be spending more time outdoors soaking up the sunshine. However pesky pests such as ticks fleas mosquitoes can quickly ruin a warm-weather day for them— especially pets who cannot protect themselves in quite same way people do!

Ticks pose a number of health threats as they can transmit serious diseases such as Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis and “tick paralysis” among others. Many symptoms may surface immediately after the pet has been bitten while others will only become noticeable later on in their illness course; many owners won’t realize that something is wrong with them until it becomes obvious through significant treatment needs or even complications from untreated infections which could lead down an irreversible path like kennel heart failure if not recognized early enough!

Inspect your dogs and cats thoroughly after coming indoors. If a tick is found attached, remove it slowly with forceps or tweezers so as not to break off the mouthparts which could leave them in skin continued on next line
If possible use fingers instead of hand-held instruments like prepared slides for this procedure because they are smaller than normal craft knives but still large enough that if correctly handled will mush any remaining guts inside out before flushing away  Ticks can carry diseases such has spotted fever ehrlichiosis babesiosis anaplasmosis asterixediaria chiccolit. Keep your lawn mowed low, including around fence lines and other difficult-to cut locations. Remove weeds from these areas as well—they can serve as homes for pesky ticks! Take care of any woodpiles or debris in the yard too; this will reduce their chances at getting onto you (and vice versa). Consider speaking with an experienced veterinarian about tick collars if necessary since survey data shows only 35% ensure pets have preventative treatments nowadays…

The meekest of all domestic animals is the humble flea. These tiny bloodsuckers often infest our pets after coming into contact with other animals or spending time outdoors, and can cause quite a bit discomfort for them in return; not only does itchy skin occur but some more severe reactions like hair loss could also happen due to their saliva which causes anemia along with dermatitis – these pests even facilitate tapeworm infections! Your vet is the best person to discuss which preventative measures are most suitable for you and your pets. Bathing, frequently washing human bedding or pet collars with a gentle detergent will help keep them clean! For carpets that have been ignored for too long it may be necessary take up professional cleaning services once every few months; otherwise dirt might settle between its fibers making everything look dirty again when really just needs vacuuming out thoroughly.

The mosquito is one of the most irritating summer pests, and it can breed in stagnant water. It takes just days for them to hatch into larvae that grow up fast with an average life cycle lasting between 10-14 nights before they’re full size! Just as humans are at risk for contracting severe illnesses due to mosquito bites, so too do animals. In addition heartworm is most concerning pet owners as it causes thousands of dogs each year become disabled or die from problems caused by this disease alone–though cats have less fatality with just one dose! Although there may not always be visible symptoms right away (things such as weight loss/gain), if left untreated your furry friend could suffer tremendously before finally passing away painful hours later because alas: death comes quickly when you’re infected.

Homeowners can protect their homes from mosquito breeding by eliminating standing water and other sources of moisture in or around the home. This includes flowerpots, watering cans for plants that are indoors only (not outside), birdbaths/ponds with stagnant liquid like baby pools; swimming pool covers when not used constantly-to name just a few! To keep your garden fresh add one on top fountains or drip systems which will help reduce mosquitoes’ liking this spot too much – they need only about ½ inch before offspring start popping up everywhere!! Use insect repellants for pets and wear mosquito nets when outdoors at dusk or dawn. Repair even the smallest tears in screens to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home, clean gutters on a regular basis so they can pass freely through their habitat without getting trapped inside by debris which causes them frustration as well humans being able get infected with diseases carried within these insects! Keep windows screened tightly during daytime hours because if there is anything left open then this will only invitation more pests into house making things difficult once again not just for you but for your pets as well.
The key here isn’t simply taking care of those pesky blood-filled sweetmeats but also preventing them in the future.

Here at Spire Pest of Orlando Fl we know how important that pets are to their owners and the last thing you want it encounter is a infestation but know we are here to help. If you are having a hard time getting a handle on things give us a call and we will help (407)723-7863.