Rising Tick Borne Illnesses

In recent years, a number of tick-borne diseases have become more prevalent. The most common being Lyme disease which causes flu like symptoms in its victims and can be transmitted via bite from infected ticks as well as other carriers such bacteria or viruses found within them!

While these diseases may not be as prevalent or serious, they can still cause significant problems for those who contract them. For example:
-Lyme Disease affects about 35 thousand people every year in America alone; this illness causes fatigue and joint pain along with other neurological symptoms if left untreated–and has even been linked to heart transplantation! It’s also important noted that female deer ticks seem more likely than males ones because females breed faster after feeding on sanginous hosts such as white tail rabbits/squirrels etc., while male try mate solely through self help.

Ticks are pesky little creatures that can be found all over the world, but they’re most common where there’s a lot of grass and brush. If you live in an area with high tick populations like east coast or upper mid west regions then chances may good for being bitten by one! Fortunately though these guys don’t carry anything dangerous so won’t hurt us unless our immune systems fail because their bites have been known to cause infections.

There is always a chance of being infected with Lyme disease or other tick-borne illnesses. It’s important to protect yourself and your family before you spend time in the woods, near tall grasses where these pests thrive during their active season from May through September but they can still be found year round all over America!

The best way to keep your yard from becoming a mecca for ticks and other insects is by following these easy tips. Wear long pants, sleeves covering the entire arm (except hands), closed-toe shoes when outside especially in wooded areas or tall grasses; choose light colored clothing so it’s easier spot any pests on you before they have time get infected with disease! When hiking stay close to trails center since this provides less cover which allows us more visibility while hiking through nature’s great outdoors. There are a number of telltale signs that may indicate you have been bitten by ticks, such as an expanding red bull’s eye rash around the site where one was attached. If any these symptoms appear after coming into contact with black-and-white striped invertebrates then it is important to seek medical attention immediately because most illnesses can be treated at home or even before entering physician care if early enough in infection process.
If visited upon during stroll outside look out also possible find similar small puncture wounds anywhere on body including: leg(s), arm/hand; scalp (if injured). The best way to remove a tick is using fine-tipped tweezers and grabbing it close to the surface. The skin should not be twisted or jerked during removal process because this can cause mouth parts break off in your wound! Avoid squashing the tick because if you do, it’s possible for bacteria to get into your bite wound and increase risk of infection. Once removed from skin keep area clean with soap water only if developing rash/headaches etc call doctor immediately.

Ticks are nothing to play around with they mean serious business! This is why its always a good idea to check yourself and your pets after being outdoors for long periods of times. If you feel you are seeing more than normal ticks in your area give us a call here at Spire Pest of Orlando FL (407)723-7863 as we are happy to help.